Forces Equine Team Challenge sponsored by Equine Products UK

In preperation for FEG we are collating our show jumping team challenge. Due to work commitments, the British Army & Royal Navy were unable to send teams, so we have added a few more to make it exciting!

So in the running is; 

  • South Yorkshire Police Team
  • BRC Area 16 Team
  • Forces Equine mixed Serving Team
  • Royal Air Force Team
  • Forces Equine Non Serving Team

As always, team members may change due to work or injury, but this is our blue print thus far.

If you would like to bring a team to FEG and take on the Forces Equine Challenge, there is still time. Simply enter online and let us add you to the challenge.

Team of 4 with one drop score. The 4th rider gains additional bonus points for the team, the higher they jump the more they gain for the team.

For more info download our schedule

To enter your team online visit

Dressage times Saturday 13th July 2019
Forces Equine Coppers v's Custodians 2019 teams an...